Thursday, November 13, 2008

The service for Duane today was wonderful. It was so overwhelming how everything that he has done for me and the students at South Tulsa Children's Ballet and The Dance Pointe -he did everywhere. Let us take a day to remember him and tomorrow we will go forward and become his superman and continue his legacy.

Monday, November 10, 2008

We love you Duane

So Becky has got me hooked.  I am not sure how to do this.  So tonight I am writing trying to give my thanks to the Summer family.  

Not a lot of people know the full story of STCB.  About six years ago the tides of Tulsa's Nutcracker were turning.  Change is good.  I sat in my car and decided that I loved the Nutcracker.  So I called my husband and said, "I am putting on a Nutcracker that no other dance teacher has done before.

The Rules.

Little to no cost
Everyone gets a part
We don't give out the same part twice
We have to keep it in perspective it is a Children's Nutcracker

The Results,

$10,000 worth of scholarships a year
Everyone between the ages of 4 and 18 gets a part
If we have had to recast the part has a different spin
We have so many kids it is great

Ok so this story has a end and a start.  Now for the middle.

Even though I think I am a smart cookie I tend to think that I can create things with no money.  Some call it delusions.  I will update you on those on a regular bases because they come quite often.

Duane had just started doing my taxes.  I pitched the idea to him.  And that was the start of me getting to know Duane.  I hope the follow story will stay in everyone heart forever.

I learned that Duane's real love was lighting and the theater.

I learned that I did not have to be the dance teacher and the stage manager.

I realized that when I was having my dance teacher nervous breakdowns the staff at the theater loved working with Duane and would wish someone would just medicate me.

I learned that Duane could do a front and back handspring.

I also learned that if you put all the Summer children on the stage at the same time you can find the lighting dark spots.

I realized that there was not an idea such as a turning Christmas tree or a backdrop idea that I could come up with that Duane couldn't help make.

I learned that if I bought a blank back drop and came up with an idea (and Ms Cara Drew it) Duane could take a pencil put it on a broom and draw it to scale.  (Candy Land)

I learned that when I got his paint brushes dirty from painting the backdrop he would just give them to me. 

I learned that no matter how much work we had Duane showed me how to include my own family.

Duane also helped me take my husband Jeff to the dark side and now he is in every show.

Duane and I learned together that even though he was great as the German Father in Party Scene it was hard for him to call the show and be on the stage at the same time.

I learned that when I asked Cara to be in the Clock that moves across the stage, She can't push the angels, but Duane does move fast when I started screaming push the Angels----and Ms Cara is screaming a can't I am in the clock.

We learned that even though the Baby Angels when out before the Big Angels Ms Farry can fix Choreography on the fly.  But thank goodness Duane push can you imagine The Nutcracker without Angels.

I will never forget the first show when we had an emergency meeting at my house to fix the five million problems.  And Duane calmed me down and helped me get organized.

I will never forget the hundred of hours that included meetings, brain storming, ....... To make STCB what it is today.

I will never forget coming out of class and learning that Duane had taught every child in the lobby how to make paper airplanes out of my printing paper.  And then having my own children trying to teach me.  Yes we went through a lot of paper but now not only do our dance students dance but are trained in the art of paper airplanes.

I will not ever forget the rehearsals for our own recital in which Duane had me on the floor laughing.  He always practiced full out.  Whether he was a Superman Swan, a pirate, or a white masked hip hop dude.

I will never forget the hours he spent helping me write three business plans in order to build the new studio.

I will never forget how fair is was in any situation.

Also how calm he was when he had to kick people out of the backstage area, while I am trying to dance in the wings.

I will never forget how even though I pretend to be always strong he would always step in when I was wasn't.

All of use will continue to see him in his children everyday.  Molly the planner, Ben with his humor, Jack with his heart, Katie with his drive, Grace with his good graces, Hanna with is wonder, and Emma with his strength.

I know that the readers will pass this page learning a little about Duane.   Everything unfortunately goes forward but not forgotten.

So back to the pictures I will be done by tomorrow.   Once again me and my perspective.  Till I write again.

Ms Farry